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Application for the Waterworks Festival REFUSED!

Save Lea Marshes are delighted that the destructive Waterworks Festival will not go ahead on the wildflower meadow adjacent to the Waterworks Nature Reserve. The location was always patently inappropriate for such a large-scale commercial event and we are relieved … Continue reading

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New Film: The Waterworks

Thank you so much to Sheridan Flynn for creating and directing this short film about the proposed festival on the Waterworks meadow, next to the Waterworks Nature Reserve, for the next three years. No matter what happens this year, we … Continue reading

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While no-one is suggesting a city such as London should be without the necessary light required for access and safety, the amount of unnecessary light is increasing and this is a serious issue for our wildlife. Guidance on artificial lighting from the Bat Conservation Trust is intended to raise awareness … Continue reading

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River Lea Oil Spill: Authorities must adopt a new approach to prevent future disasters

– AN OPEN LETTER TO – Government and Opposition: Environment Agency: • Sir James Bevan, Chief Executive • Dr Toby Willison, Executive Director of Operations • Sarah Chare, Director Operations South East • Simon Hawkins, Deputy Director Hertfordshire & North … Continue reading

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Countryside Live: It’s Not That Wild!

By Celia. In 2012, following more than a year of local opposition, the “temporary” Olympic Basketball Training Facility, stood, fenced and controlled by security guards, like an open prison.  It was rumoured to have cost in the region of £5m … Continue reading

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Nature uncut – please!

A month after the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority inflicted their misguided June mowings on the Walthamstow Marshes SSSI, the annual evidence of the damaging effect on flora and wildlife is stark. On the luxuriant unmown areas that escaped the … Continue reading

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Let’s ‘Give Nature a Home’ on Our Marshes

Recently the RSPB and other wildlife organisations teamed up to investigate how under threat our birds, wildlife and ecosystems are in the UK today. The shocking results were published in a seminal State of Nature report which reveals that in the last … Continue reading

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SLM Call on LVRPA to Establish London’s First Organic Golf Course at the Waterworks

SLM are calling upon the Lea Valley Regional Park Authority to turn Waterworks site (adjacent to Hackney Marshes in Leyton) into organic golf course, rather than the private campsite they have planned. The alternative wildlife-friendly plan is supported by a … Continue reading

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Open Letter to Friends of the Earth: Not the Greatest Show for the Earth

This is a letter from local resident and campaigner Jane Bednall to Friends of the Earth in response to an article published in their ‘Earth Matters’ magazine they send to their members: Dear Andy Atkins and Paul de Zylia,   … Continue reading

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