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More documents relating to Save Leyton Marsh can be seen at

Hackney Marshes North Pavilion documents



Leyton Marsh Basketball landgrab documents

LVRPA Executive Committee report on basketball GTTV E-126-11 21 April 2011

LVRPA-ODA Leyton Marsh Licence 07 July 2011

LVRPA-ODA Deed of Variation to Leyton Marsh Licence 10 Nov 2011

ODA Leyton Marsh basketball tender spec.

LVRPA Exec Commttee report on Use of Leyton Marsh licence fee E-168-11 15 Dec 2011


ODA ‘Planning information for the temporary Basketball training facility at
Leyton Marsh’ January 2012

LVRPA LBWF planning consultation report 26 Jan 2012

LBWF Environmental Impact Assessment 2011/1346/EIA

EIA Screening Opinion report 2011-1346-EIA Leyton Marsh basketball 10 Nov 2011

Main Leyton Marsh basketball training venue planning application ref. 2011/1560 submitted to London Borough of Waltham Forest:

2011-1560 Application Form

2011-1560 Design & Access Statement

Atkins Leyton Marsh Ecology Report on Proposed Temporary Basketball Training Venue Jan 2012

2011-1560 Planning Officer’s report to Committee

Planning committee meeting & decision 7 Feb 2012 – audio recording (55mb mp3)

2011-1560 Leyton Marsh Olympic basketball decision notice

2012-0359 Leyton Marsh Non-material Amendment Decision 05 Apr 2012

Criminalisation of Protest on Leyton Marsh

ODA High Court Injunction against Persons Unknown 4 Apr 2012

Mark Sorrell ODA injunction witness statement 1

Vivien Blacker LVRPA injunction witness statement

Injunction decision – ODA and Persons Unknown 4 Apr 2012 EWHC 1012(Ch)

Injunction renewal decision – ODA and Persons Unknown and Named 18 Apr 2012 EWHC 1114(Ch)

Correspondence and FOI

Arup to NLLDC consultation letter 06 Oct 2011

ODA FOI response RFI00601 7 Feb 2012

ODA Gerry Murphy to Cllr Rathbone 20 Apr 2012

ODA Dennis Hone letter to residents 30 Apr 2012

ODA responses to constituent Qs re: temp basketball crt on marsh.doc

ODA correspondence with STRI

Technical and construction

Leyton Marsh Unexploded Ordnance survey – 7 Feb 2012

RSA Geotechnics Ground Investigation report 13004GI – 17 Jan 2012

Nussli Leyton Marsh Site Waste Management Plan – 17 Feb 2012

RSA Geotechnics Stockpile test report – 30 Mar 2012

Leyton Marsh Stockpile Asbestos report – 18 Apr 2012

ODA Proposals under consideration for Porters Field Reinstatement 15 May 2012

Hackney Marshes Events

Planning Inspectorate common land consent decision 4 April 2011

Ministry of Housing and Local Government Provisional Order Confirmation (Greater London Parks and Open Spaces) Act 1967

Commons Act 2006

DEFRA Common Land Consents Policy Guide

Marsh Lane Dagenham Brook Bridge replacement

LBWF 2013/0085 Flood Risk Assessment

LBWF 2013/0085 26032013 Planning Committee item 49 Marsh Lane Bridge


Executive Committee decisions on Golf Course closure / campsite and Livery Stables expansion 21/03/2013

LVRPA planning application 2013/0410 Application Form – stables expansion

LVRPA planning application 2013/0410 Design and Access Statement – stables expansion, conversion of golf course to camp site and pony riding

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