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LVRPA face angry residents over their campsite and stables plans

At yesterday’s Lea Bridge Ward (WF) Community Forum five officers from the LVRPA struggled to answer the many questions and concerns of residents about the current planning applications re consolidating the fait-accompli loss of the golf course public amenity and … Continue reading

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Shergroup retract article

We are grateful that Shergroup have removed a misrepresentative article about Save Leyton Marsh group and our campaign in response to Daniel Ashman’s letter. This is the subsequent letter written by Daniel Ashman in response to their correspondence and the … Continue reading

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Leyton Marsh Campaigner Faces 2 Year ASBO for Peaceful Protest and Defending Our Marsh

Today Westminster Magistrates Court heard the Metropolitan Police present their first case to impose a two year minimum Anti Social Behaviour Order in order to prevent peaceful protest at the Olympics. They wish to impose an extremely restrictive ASBO on … Continue reading

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Leyton Marsh: Spot the deliberate mistake

Millfields Park Blog Spot have an excellent front page blog on the insulting letter sent by the ODA to residents regarding Leyton Marsh. The blog has many pointers for responding to the misleading information provided in the ODA letter sent … Continue reading

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