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15 Responses to Contact us

  1. max svoboda says:

    just been over the marshes today and very disappointed to have discovered your meeting was yesterday, however would be very interested in any future developements/meetings in the future and would appreciate any updates as to how we go about terminating this project…….


    • pedroreyna says:

      Max, I hope you can make it next saturday at two. It will be a civilised picnic demo. See you then, bring friends, pets, musical instruments, cameras, will be fun

  2. Lilias says:

    Where are you exactly,on a map? post code? nearest tube or bus route? phone number? Thanks, Lilias

    • pedroreyna says:

      We are a new group that was formed for this particular cause. Our next meeting is at Leyton Marsh right by the fence of the construction site, behind the Ice Rink on Leabridge Road. We will meet at 11. Please come and join us. BUSES 55, 48, 56 Nearest train Clapton (15 min walk)

  3. Peter says:

    The National Grid reference is TQ357869.

  4. Usman Patel says:

    This protest is run by no more than a grup of middle class crusties, hippie types with nothing better to do. Claiming to represent the ‘local community’ but doing nothing of the sort. Probably thinkthat Leyton is part of Hackney and not Waltham Forest.

    • pedroreyna says:

      Thanks for you comment Usman. Your are invited to come an meet us in person and find out by yourself if your suspicion is true. There will be a walk of solidarity initiated by the occupy camp in Finsbury Square this coming Saturday. This is an important cause and not entertainment. We are represented by both boroughs, Hackney and Waltham Forest, some are the hippy type as you well guessed, some of us are professionals, some artists, some working some unemployed, etc, a true london mix.

  5. frederick taylor says:

    This is where I was born and bred. Leyton Marsh is my Green Green Grass Of Home. Fred, Basildon.

  6. Usman Patel says:

    Pedro Reyna, a true London type with Spanish name. I think I would be the only person there of colour. Maybe you should target Waltham Forest instead of Hackney in terms of publicity. I’m pretty sure you haven’t done any publicity in the WF borough, but you seem to have done a fair bit in Hackney, despite Leyton Marsh being in WF. I will turn up and view from a distance just to prove that I’m right in my assessment. The photos on your website seems to prove me right so far.

    • pedroreyna says:

      Cheers Usman. The frontier of WF and Hackney is indeed the river Lea. I live just on the river and oversee the marshes and am not really concerned about what borough the fall into. They are for all to share as we tell our kids. Our group is very diverse and indeed colourful, I dare say the Majority (technically) are from the WF side. Our meetings are at the Hare and Hounds on Lea Bridge Road. Come meet us this Saturday! Bring family and friends!

  7. Hi – our members are supporting this, have been along and have been spreading the news on how to get involved. I just put an update on our blog – best, Nikky, Robin Hood Community Garden.

    • pedroreyna says:

      Thank you so much! It means a lot to us. You are welcome to visit the camp and show support to the occupiers.

  8. Corinna says:

    URGENT WARNING for all dog owners and small children
    My 7 month dog has ingested some sort of poison resulting in ulcerated mouth and ears this i can pinpoint to happening after a walk on the marshes where he was running and jumping into puddles and wet marsh land i will be getting the results of the blood tests tomorrow which i hope will be able to tell me what type of chemical he has ingested and of course my suspicions are that this has happened because of the excavation on leyton marsh contaminating the water excacerbated by the heavy rainfall recently
    Please warn dog owners and parents to be careful its a very distressing situation for us and we don’t know how he is going to recover and we would hate this to happen to any other animals or children and if anyone has had a simular experience please contact me ASAP

  9. HI,

    I have been in contact with the council and the program manager of the marsh lane improvement works.

    This all started when I was trapped in the carp park for over 3 hours during the cold snap in January, having taken my dog for a walk and not seen the bollards, nor seen any signage prohibiting me from driving in.

    Since then I’ve been doing more research and this whole project seems a massive misplacement of money.

    They are replacing a perfectly good bridge to create “a more welcoming approach” from marsh lane. We dont need to be spending 10s of thousands of pounds to replace a bridge which was replaced within the past few years anyway.

    I would love to get involved and help with this because I’m sick and tired of these council workers spending our money in such a reckless manner.

  10. Mark says:

    Just a quick one ladies and gents.

    Not sure how many of you fish the river Lea but I went down there yesterday and there must have been some pollution in the water as all the fish were dead/dying, loads of little barbel, chub, roach, rudd, perch, gudgeon, bull heads, eels all dying on the side of the river, the eels were actually trying to climb out of the water up the bank, even the shrimp and crayfish were trying to get out of the water, at one point a 6lb bream even floated past us – dead sadly.

    We reported this to the Environment Agency and I suspect they will be investigating but just wanted to let you all know in case any of you fish there, probably worth staying away for now as no idea what was causing the problem.

    It was very sad to see all those dead/dying fish and given the damage we witnessed I suspect that it may well be a few years before the river is back to its best.

    Be safe

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