Independent Film Archive

Whose Olympics? Trailer

The Guardian: Save Leyton Marsh protester threatened with £335,000 costs

Whose Olympics? The eyesore on Leyton Marsh

Whose Olympics? Olympic Impacts: Local Resident explains

Daily Motion: Leyton Marsh and the takeover of common land

The London Olympics’ Toxic Legacy

Caffeinebomb: Kicking off the second leg of the poverty torch relay

DailyMotion: London Poverty Torch Relay – Hackney

The VICE Guide to the Olympics (in 4 parts)

Das Erste Mediathek [ARD] Grossbritannien: London Olympia-Frust

Is Militarisation of the Olympics increasing safety?

London Takes Gold from Marie Billegrav Bryant on Vimeo.

Squat in Lincoln’s Inn Fields: Bread & Circuses Discussion of the Corporate Olympics

BEGINNING from Ophélie Couture on Vimeo.

Save Leyton Marsh Campaign continues!

No Missiles in East London – Leyton Marsh discussed from 25 mins

Full speeches: from 52mins45secs

The One Show: Simon discusses ASBO in relation to Leyton Marsh (from 3.04 mins)

ONN: ODA vs The People Part 2

Occupied News Network: The ODA vs The People: Before the Hearing

Brutal Removal of Peaceful Protestor on Leyton Marsh

Local Activist and Resident discuss Leyton Marsh

Today at Leyton Marsh

Protest Camp evicted at London Olympic site

The Angel of Leyton Marsh will return!

Work on Porters Field

Snowed from You and I Films on Vimeo.

Save Leyton Marsh Campaign: Occupy livestream video

London 2012 Olympic Land Grab: Leyton Marshes from Mike Wells on Vimeo.

Campaign to save Leyton Marsh from EastLondonLines


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