Our Official Response to the New Local Plan: Direction of Travel

Dear London Borough of Waltham Forest,

We are writing in response to your ‘New Local Plan – Direction of Travel’ document and the response it has elicited from the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority (LVRPA).

We have not read the LVRPA’s final response to the consultation (which we urge you to publish on your website as soon as practicable), but we were able to see a draft of the letter at the LVRPA’s Regeneration and Planning Committee Meeting that took place on 14 December. In that draft, the LVRPA proposed submitting two sites in response to your call for sites. Both of these sites are Metropolitan Open Land (MoL) and we are writing to state that we object, in the strongest possible terms, to any use of the sites for development which leads to the loss of open land.

MoL must be protected and Save Lea Marshes objects to any attempts to remove the MOL designation from land within the Lee Valley Regional Park specifically and within the borough more generally. This position is supported by thousands of local people; and we refer you to the petition signed by over 5000 people in response to the first draft of the Lea Valley Eastside Vision, which called on the Council not to rezone the land around the Waterworks for housing (https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/stop-the-council-s-plan-to-build-on-leyton-marshes).

We therefore are asking you to reject both sites.
Save Lea Marshes

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