This is Metropolitan OPEN land


Area of former golf course enclosed for very small paddock area


The ponytrekking around the former golf course costs from £20 per hour, per person


The campsite, where vehicles are allowed to drive on to the land, and the old tees have been left to corrode


Portaloos and showers, presumably costing £100s per week to hire. A pitch is just £25 a night.


Pre-pitched tents, one in occupation when photographed.


Grass clippings dumped on wildlife areas.


Mounds of grass clippings left in the campsite during a heatwave.


Campers use site as rubbish dump


Two campers fail to make it back safely after the night and sleep on the verge by the car park


Mound of dead grass used to dispose of beer cans by campers


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7 Responses to This is Metropolitan OPEN land

  1. mark amies says:

    Poor show. Who is responsible?

  2. bwamatthews says:

    Is there a campaign to get the golf course reinstated?

    • 1leytonmarshlover says:

      We are campaigning for this M.O.L. to be an organic golf course rather than a permanent campsite. Can you join us on 1st Sept for our walk to talk more about this?

  3. bwamatthews says:

    Is there a campaign to have the golf course reinstated?

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