Development Proposals For Our Marshes

The National Grid have plans to dig up Walthamstow Marshes for power lines connecting Eade Road Shafthouse with Hackney Powerstation on Millfields, an image of the proposed route is displayed.
The document explaining the proposed works states:

National Grid
Ground Investigation Works at Leyton and Walthamstow Marshes

National Grid owns and manages the grids to which many different energy sources are
connected.  In Britain it runs the systems that deliver gas and electricity across the entire
county, which means it holds a vital position at the centre of the energy system – National
Grid joins everything up.

In London electricity consumption is rising each year and it is National Grid’s responsibility to ensure there is sufficient transmission infrastructure available to support the Capital’s future energy demand.

In February 2011, as part if it’s continued investment, National Grid embarked upon a seven- year project to rewire the capital via deep underground tunnels, in order to meet increasing electricity demand and help London access the renewable energy of the future.

In total 32km of tunnels are being constructed between 20m and 60m deep below the road
network. The tunnels will carry high voltage (400kV) electricity cables and connect existing substations at the following locations:

• Hackney
• St John’s Wood
• Willesden
• Wimbledon

By housing the cables in deep underground tunnels we will significantly reduce disruption to the local area as we are able to lay the cables and carry out maintenance work without digging up the road network.

Intermediate tunnel access shafts are required along the tunnel route.  The two tunnel boring machines which are being used to dig the tunnel will connect these points as they progress along the route.  Headhouse buildings will then be constructed above the tunnel shafts. These are needed to ensure the safety of our workforce during construction, provide access to the tunnel for maintenance work, and store ventilation equipment which is required to cool the electricity cables and regulate the temperature inside the tunnel.

As a complex engineering project, it is vital that we have a detailed understanding of the
ground conditions we will be tunnelling through, and therefore a series of boreholes are
being completed along the tunnel route to ensure we have accurate and reliable ground
condition information.

The borehole investigations planned within Leyton and Walthamstow Marshes form part of this work and will take approximately 26 days to complete.  The borehole will be approximately 30cm wide and 50m deep, and the small surrounding area required to complete the work will be temporarily secured using metal fencing.  Once the work has been completed National Grid will place a small cover on the surface and will visit occasionally. There will be no remaining above ground presence on the land.

For further information about the London Power Tunnels project please visit
Freephone: 0800 783 2855

Lee Navigation by Walthamstow Marshes 

The River Restoration Centre  

Ref: TQ3481387570 to TQ3534787061.

Status:  Proposed.

Description: Create a new ditch and wetland features including ponds and reedbeds with broadwalks and interpretation.    Sheet piled banks adjacent to Walthamstow Marshes SSSI, poor quality land adjacent to the river.

Main funding:       Heritage Lottery Funding

Reach length:   700m

Main motivations:     Development gain_x000B_Community demand_x000B_Habitat

Non-funding partners:       Community Groups

Other funding organisations:  EU LIFE+ funding, Natural England, Waltham Forest, Environment Agency

Lea Valley Regional Park Authority

Business Plan 2013-2015

Section 1) Background: “By 2020 the Lee Valley will be a world class leisure destination”
“Underlying the Authority’s approach across all business areas is the philosophy of being ‘community focused and commercially driven’. The organisation must endeavour to deliver accessible and high quality activities and destinations for its regional constituents whilst at the same time maximising the commercial potential of ALL of its assets”
Section 6) Major Development projects
“Over the next few years there are 2 sites which will be taken forward for development projects: Picketts Lock and the Lea Bridge Road area.
A feasibility study for the new Ice Centre in the park will commence in the next two months. The outcome of this study will help inform the options for Picketts Lock. Officers are also assessing options for taking forward the Waterworks following a successful spell as a campsite during the Games. The potential for the site being developed for visitor short-term and long-term accommodation is being seriously considered”
Section 8) Organisational Development
seeking the “most effective structure to maximise income generation”
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