Latest News on Simon Moore

Solidarity call out on behalf of Save Leyton Marsh Group:
Simon Moore, who was arrested yesterday for alleged breach of his IASBO will be appearing at Westminster Magistrates Court on Thursday at 9.30am.

Although today he has been released, if the full ASBO applied for by the police is granted, Simon faces being slapped with a list of huge restrictions for up to two years which severely limit his freedom of movement and effectively charge him with pre-crime.

Come along and show your opposition to the repressive measures being put in place for the Olympics.

Civil liberties shouldn’t be sacrificed in the name of any event.

The powers that be need to know that when they victimise individuals, a whole movement stands behind them! Simon stood up for Leyton Marsh, let’s stand up for him.

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2 Responses to Latest News on Simon Moore

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    • 1leytonmarshlover says:

      He is not on bail – he was released having spent a night in cells (in lieu of a £50 fine) for his ‘crime’ – however he attends Westminster Magistrates Court for his pre-arranged full ASBO hearing on Thurs (at the moment he is under an Interim ASBO).

      Thanks for your support.

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